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Silent River by KazzantiChaos Silent River :iconkazzantichaos:KazzantiChaos 10 3 kanaya by alyderp kanaya :iconalyderp:alyderp 39 0 Capitao America by RafaelVancan Capitao America :iconrafaelvancan:RafaelVancan 5 4 TheSweetArtist chibi commission by SpiderShii TheSweetArtist chibi commission :iconspidershii:SpiderShii 19 33 Shizaya wub by XxGreenNinjaChickxX Shizaya wub :iconxxgreenninjachickxx:XxGreenNinjaChickxX 12 4 Work by defectuosa Work :icondefectuosa:defectuosa 1 1 The Year of the Snake by GardenOfDaisy The Year of the Snake :icongardenofdaisy:GardenOfDaisy 24 12
Eridan x Reader: Hurt Hearts and Clouds
You sighed, laying in the empty field watching the clouds pass was one of your favorite things to do. You were a troll with Olive blood, a hive hidden in a thick green forest, and who loved to relax in the sunshine. Most trolls found you weird and wanted nothing to do with you. However you had friends that you had met on Trollian. They were very interesting although you had to admit, you had started to develop red feelings for one specific troll. Sadly you knew there was no way he had any interest in a low-blood such as yourself, what with him being a highblood and a seadweller to boot.
You brought out your husktop from your sylladex. You liked your sylladex because you had designed it yourself so it worked for your quick retrieval and organizational skills. You logged on and saw that Eridan was trying to get a hold of you. You felt a blush creep onto your cheeks unbidden.
--caligulasAquarium [CA] began Trolling (TrollianHandle) [ ] at 12:50 --
[CA]: (Name)! (Name)!
[CA]: Dear cod! Ple
:iconthefiredragoness:TheFireDragoness 219 81
Kankri X Reader ~ Tutor, Please? (Trigger Warning)
There you were, once again listening for the lectures of the ranting boy. 
   "Despite... Actually..." You could only catch fragments of his sentences. You stepped forward, attempting to maneuver your way through the people, but were thrown back. You landed on your butt. 
   "Ow..." Soon the warning bell rung, causing the people around you to disperse and more or less trample you. 
   After long enough, you were able to stand up without being pushed back down. You carefully lifted your things and looked at your watch. 
   I'll be late!
    You were planning on rushing off to your class--you were already failing it at this point--when you heard him sigh and mutter, "no one ever listens to me..."
    Maintaining a calm demeanor, you slowly walked towards him. 
    "I listen," you said simply, before the late bell rung and you ran off, apologizing and mentioning that you were already fail
:iconlonetaku:LoneTaku 800 407
John x Reader - Prom
Your name is (Name), and you have no date to the prom.
So you decide to go alone.
Your dress is a beautiful (favorite color) number with a lot of ruffles edged with (second favorite color or black), and your hair is styled to perfection.
So, as we were saying, you're alone at prom. You're standing in a corner, watching the couples slow-dance to a song, their arms wrapped around each other like a vise. The only ones alone are the nerds, emos and that sweet derp, John Egbert. He had enough guts to show up to prom in a bright green tux, with a green slimer on the lapel. He was your best friend... And you wouldn't admit to it, but you had a crush on him. He caught your eye, and grinned his dorky buck-toothed grin, his greenish-blue eyes glinting with familiarity. He knew everything about you, that you loved (favorite activity), that you hated a certain person named (someone you hate). He knew how many sweatshirts you had, how many freckles you had on your face. You knew a lot about him too
:iconalice-artwork-da:Alice-Artwork-dA 36 31
John x Reader: The Second Amendment
John x Reader: Bear Arms
You fidgeted in your chair as Eliden, a tall girl with blond hair and lots of acne, passed out the papers. It was fifth period- US history- and you had a quiz on the amendments. Next to you, John Egbert muttered a string of nonsensical phrases, the words 'federalism' and 'arms' being mentioned. Suddenly he picked up his head and whispered, "Remember, (name)! The second amendments says that if a bear leaves its arms lying around, you can just take them!"
You stared at him for a moment before breaking into fits of laughter. Eliden just dropped a quiz on your desk and took her seat.
~-Twenty Minutes Later-~
You glanced at the back of John's graded quiz. You didn't really know what to think. He had drawn all of the amendments in relation with a bear. The first was a stick figure talking to an annoyed bear, the second was a stick figure picking up bear claws, and so on until the nineteenth amendment, a bear with eyelashes crammed into a voting booth.
You were 100% p
:iconsilenceofthemongoose:SilenceOfTheMongoose 11 3
So Karkalicious : Karkat x Reader Part 2
A/N: I'll try to make this quick this time.
Here's part 2 of the fanfic. It still sucks, of course, but it's getting there. By the speed in which I'm typing I'm probably going to get at least one part up a day. I'm hoping I'll be able to do that until the holidays are over, which is in a while.
So we're finally getting somewhere. Everything is the same as it was last time, yadda yadda I'mma just go so you can enjoy the crappy writing.
- - - - - - - - - -
"(_Name_) it's time to get up, come on!" Your mum calls as she pounds on your bedroom door. You groan and roll over, getting tangled up in the covers in the process. The banging on your door continues, waking you up from your dozing. "I'm awake, I'm awake," you yell back as you struggle out from the nest of sheets and blankets. It took a few minutes but you were finally free from your cocoon. You yawn and rub your (e/c) eyes sleepily. What time was it? Oops, almost time to go!
You hurry over to your wardrobe and start searching
:iconaliceinsteampunk:aliceinsteampunk 212 62
So Karkalicious : Karkat x Reader Part 1
A/N: Welp. This is officially the first piece of fanfiction I have ever written. It's Karkat x Reader. Blah introductions suck sometimes. This is just introducing you and whatever. Merry late Christmas
And it sucks. Because I have no idea how to write fanfiction. It's only part 1. It's either going to get better. Or worse.
Just for clarity, italics are your thoughts. I guess.
(_Name_) Your name, obviously.
(e/c) Eye colour
(h/l) Hair length
(h/c) - Hair colour
(f/c) - Favourite colour
(f/s) - Favourite song
(f/a) Favourite artist
So without any more rambling from me, have a piece of Karkat attempting to be romantic.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Your name is (f/n) (l/n) and you are about to get in a massive amount of trouble.
Let me explain. It was barely passed two in the morning and you were just arriving home. It was way past your curfew; you should have been home hours ago. Before dinner even.  Your mum was going to kill you for staying out this late. If she
:iconaliceinsteampunk:aliceinsteampunk 331 91
2P!Canada X Reader (EPILOGUE)
You awoke to soft light of morning floating in through the blinds, and the soft snoring of your sleeping boyfriend. You and Matt had been dating for two years now and you couldn't have been any happier.You turned over in the bed you two shared and stared at his handsome face, the way the sun hit his face made him look like a fallen angel,his blonde hair falling around his face made you want to just stay in this bed with him forever.After the cabin trip you and Matt moved in with each other,yeah it was fast but these were weird circumstances,and you had fallen madly in love with your creepy caretaker. Matt had never told you in words he loved you, he wasn't the type, but he would do it with his caring actions and protectiveness.
You rolled out of bed careful not to wake Matt, and walked into the kitchen getting out supplies for his favorite breakfast pancakes. You busied yourself making pancakes while you thought about all that happened in the past year, for example, Matt's brother Jaso
:iconaewsomsause:aewsomsause 220 83
Bad Boy Love (2P!AmericaXReader) CH:1
"Come on ______! You have never been on a date with ANYONE from our school, just do it once pleaaasssseeee" your friend whined at you as you two walked to lunch."Well that is because no one fits my standards here,every guy here is just so, borrring" you huffed at your pleading friend, it was true, the guys at your school were just carbon copies of one another and it was just boring. Besides you didn't need a guy right now, guys had a tendency to bore you with they're utterly predictable nature and inability to have a intelligent conversation without adding sex to it.
High school guys were just boring, and unappealing to you in general, you promised yourself you would never settle for anything that was even remotely like them.Your friend kept persisting that you needed to have a love life but you always deflected and hid behind your studies, fan fiction, or anime not really caring for a boyfriend if this was the selection you had. It's not like you were a loner or nerd, it was just that
:iconaewsomsause:aewsomsause 510 166



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